Highlight Tuesday - Lee and Lori Henderson - 01.28.20

Meet Lee and Lori Henderson.

Lee and Lori are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo who make workouts look like fun and games. 

A year ago both Hendersons perceived a problem. “We realized our fitness and health levels were not where they should be,” Lee said, “so we developed a plan.” Faithfully working out multiple days a week, they slowly began seeing results. Not only did their health levels improve, they watched the weight drop off over time, losing a total of over 100 lbs. together. 

Now they are in the Rec almost every day, burning the calories and adding a well-placed humorous comment or a kind word of encouragement. “We’ve become a community here … a family,” Lori shared, regarding the staff and guests. “They have become our support system – our cheerleaders. Everyone wants you to win, and that’s a great feeling!”

Outstanding job, Lee and Lori! Your commitment to health, fitness, and fun inspires us.