Highlight Tuesday - Don Takak - 01.21.20

When Don Takak began working out at Wylie Recreation Center, his main goals were to stay healthy and to regain mobility after knee replacement surgery; however, he soon found other reasons to make visits to the Rec part of his weekly routine.

“The staff are helpful and so, so friendly,” he said. And he would know; Don makes time during every workout to check in with his friends on staff and to visit with his fellow fitness enthusiasts. 

Recently, Don became ill with what he assumed was a bad case of pneumonia that he couldn’t seem to shake. His wife Sherron encouraged him to see a doctor. It was a good thing he took her advice; it turns out he was suffering from a heart attack. He was immediately taken to surgery, and four stints later, he was back in action. Initially, his doctors prescribed rigorous rehab at their facility, but as soon as he was released to assume a lighter schedule, he returned to the Recreation Center. He works out at the rehab facility three times a week and three times at the Rec.

“I know I need to be healthy and continue to recover strength, and it’s encouraging to work out here at the Recreation Center.” 

We are encouraged by you Don! Keep up the great work!