Highlight Tuesday - Don and Sandy Pearce - 01.14.20

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Pearces’ New Neighborhood

Don and Sandy Pearce have always paid attention to their health and fitness. The retired couple used to take early-morning walks together in their neighborhood, but stray dogs and unreliable North Texas weather caused them to look around for other options.

In 2016, they gave each other a Rec Pass for Christmas and began making the Wylie Recreation Center part of their routine.

At first, Don and Sandy only visited the Rec a few times a week, but then something wonderful happened: they began to develop valuable relationships in addition to healthy routines and habits.

“You build community here,” Don said, adding that it’s good for you “socially, mentally and physically.”

“We work out of course, but this is also about being social,” said Sandy. “The people here, staff and guests, have become our neighborhood.”

Last year, this new “neighborhood” became crucial in a way they couldn’t have anticipated. Staff noticed immediately that something very wrong was happening with Don during his workout on the Fitness Floor. He had suffered a stroke, and staff quickly alerted the EMTs. Due to their quick response – and Don’s overall fitness level – his recovery was strong and swift. And the couple didn’t waste any time getting back to their routine at the Rec.

“That’s the important part,” Sandy said. “You have to come back and stay the course. Don’t ever give up!”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Don and Sandy, for calling Wylie Recreation home!