Brainopolis Summer Camps!


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SEAdventures - Shiver me timbers! Learn about cartography, explore geography, and discover oceanography. Embark on a quest to locate the golden treasure hidden under the Indian Ocean. Travel across the seven seas and learn about marine life while creating models of maritime transportation and other exploration devices.

Restaurant Entrepreneur - Be your own boss! Enhance your creativity, understand business concepts, review profit margins, and uncover the details of architecture. Create a menu, model meals, learn about assembly lines, and film a commercial for your restaurant. Design a one-foot-tall replica of your restaurant and take home your finished project.

ER Surgeons - Attention aspiring doctors and medical professionals! Understand the basic principles of biology, learn tools for effective decision making, and enhance your confidence. Discover the professions of doctors and dentists through performing hypothetical surgeries, crafting model dentures, and creating replica organs. It is never too early to prepare for medical school.

Avengers and Defense - Magic and science are one in the same. Observe physics, analyze geometry, and increase imagination while preparing to protect the citizens of your city. Assemble a Hulk wrecking ball, design a Captain America shield, construct an Iron Man catapult, and invent other superhero defense tools to prepare for combat.

ECO Architects - Build your dream home! Study environmentally friendly architecture, discover geometry, and enhance your creativity. Design your sustainable home, and learn about blue prints, foundations, and vertical agriculture. Discover solar energy and electric currents while building your model abode. Take home your finished project.

Galaxy Academy - Houston, we landed on the moon! Discover astronomy, enhance problem-solving skills, and boost communication while learning about space exploration. Simulate intergalactic missions, construct rocket models, and build a motorized space rover while learning about NASA. Be the first astronaut to travel to Mars.

Register online, or in-person, Wylie Recreation Center.

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