Home School Recreation Classes

Check out the extensive home school classes Wylie Recreation Center has to offer this fall!
Home School Sewing - A stitch in time saves nine - or sew they say. Earn an Art credit while enhancing fine motor skills. Boost reading comprehension and apply math. Learn to read and follow directions, then cut and pin fabric. Meet new friends while creating unique, one-of-a-kind, sewn pieces.
Home School Ballroom Dance - Take a break and dance! Earn a PE credit while developing rhythmic skills, enhancing your confidence, and familiarizing yourself with dance etiquette. Curriculum includes rigorous and fun instruction in popular social dances, skills required for formal gatherings, and proper attire.
Home School Tennis - Learn the thrilling game of tennis! This combination of excitement and effort develops focus, stamina, and confidence. Instruction of basic techniques includes serving, volleying, and forehand/backhand strokes that build a solid tennis foundation. Have loads of fun while improving skills with this United States Tennis Association Quickstart curriculum.
Home School Basketball - Take your game to the next level! Training by Team USA Basketball standards, increase physical and mental endurance, become a better teammate, and gain overall body conditioning. Practice the six basic basketball skills: ball-handling, footwork, passing and receiving, rebounding, screening, and shooting.
Register online, or in-person, Wylie Recreation Center.