Engineering For Kids!

Don’t miss out on the exciting summer camps with Engineering For Kids!
Momentum MadnessLadies and gentlemen, start your engines! Explore industrial, electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering. Design and construct vehicles that achieve astonishing speeds. Work with the pit crew to design and build bottle rockets, racecars, and power boats.
Amusement Park Engineering - Invent and create your very own amusement park! Absorb physics, expand your creativity, and discover engineering. Work with a group to construct the tallest and fastest roller coaster, design boats, construct dragsters, and generate levitating cars that go faster than a cheetah. Enjoy refreshing ice cream at the end of camp.
Lego Robotics Rescue - Combine LEGOs, laptops, and rescue in this one-of-a-kind experience. Enhance creativity and critical thinking skills while working as a team. Test, build, and program LEGO robots on laptops and navigate them through a destroyed city. Help assess disaster situations, search for survivors, and rebuild the community.
Minecraft Medieval Redstone - Don your armor and draw your sword! Challenge your ingenuity, build problem-solving skills, and expand creativity. Create, explore, and defend your kingdom by engineering cannons, traps, and mine carts all with the use of Redstone. Laptops and software provided.
Register online, or in-person,  Wylie Recreation Center.
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