Fantastic Fit Fall

A fantastic fit fall is just around the corner. Make friends with similar goals and interests while participating in these popular health and fitness activities.

Register in-person at Wylie Recreation Center or Senior Recreation Center or register online NOW! Not a resident? No Rec Pass? That's ok! Activity registration is open to everyone.

Barre Fitness - You've heard about it, now get ready to burn fat, sculpt muscles and have fun in this new activity! Barre focuses on conditioning and toning the entire body. By blending classical ballet exercises, pilates and traditional conditioning movements, awesome expert Sandi Phillips helps you to develop muscular endurance, dynamic balance, flexibility, posture and core strength. No previous dance experience necessary. Open to ages 16 years and older, classes start Friday September 19 at 11:15 am at Wylie Recreation Center.

Chair Exercise - Fit and fun low impact exercise adapted to fit the needs of those with disabilities, poor balance or trouble standing on the floor to exercise. Awesome expert Joyce McGaughey uses a variety of tools such as resistance bands, arm weights and group exercise techniques to keep you on your toes and feeling great! Open to ages 55 years and older, on-going classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 am at Wylie Senior Recreation Center.

Cardio Ballroom - NEW! Awesome expert Johhny Tan teaches you how to Mambo, Tango and Merengue your way into getting fit! Gain musicality and balance with this unique combination of endurance and dance conditioning. Learn popular moves while developing coordination. No partner needed in this infectiously fun and easy calorie burning group exercise environment. Open to ages 18 years and older, classes begin Tuesday, September 9 at 10:30 am at Wylie Recreation Center.

Kickboxing - Kick, punch and sweat your way to your fitness goals with awesome expert Sandi Phillips. Burn calories fast while you increase cardiovascular endurance, strengthen and tone muscle. Develop coordination while learning boxing combinations such as jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks in a positive and encouraging group setting. Open to ages 18 years and older, classes begin Monday, September 15 at 8:30 am at Wylie Recreation Center.

Extreme Boot Camp - Test your limits in the toughest workout program Wylie Recreation Center offers with awesome expert Lauren Davis. Run, jump, lift, and sweat your way towards achieving the body you’ve longed for. This intense program utilizes metabolic fat burning exercises to help you push your body to a new level to create a new you! Depending on weather, class may be held outside. Open to ages 13 years and older, classes begin Saturday, September 13 at 9 am at Wylie Recreation Center.

Boot Camp - Get into the best shape of your life with awesome expert Lauren Davis while having a blast! This intense, result-oriented combination of interval cardio and total body sculpting exercises delivers the results you want at a high-energy and accelerated pace. All fitness levels benefit from this exciting, challenging and rewarding workout. On-going 5:10 am and 6 pm classes available at Wylie Recreation Center.

Tai Chi - Tai Chi Chuan, better known as Tai Chi, is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced as a superior health art and a form of moving meditation. Awesome expert James Randell leads you through focused, slow and controlled movements that enhance balance, agility, flexibility and strength while reducing stress and improving mental alertness. Open to ages 18 years and older, classes begin Monday, September 29 at 5:20 pm at Wylie Recreation Center.

Zumba - Ditch the workout and join the party! This fusion of Latin and international music creates a dynamic, exciting and effective cardio session. The routines feature interval training techniques with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Lose yourself in energetic moves while shaping up with awesome expert Erin Larew. Open to ages 13 years and older, on-going classes offered for both beginner and advanced students at Wylie Recreation Center.

Yoga - Beneficial for all fitness and experience levels, yoga produces a feeling of well-being and body-awareness. Enjoy an energetic workout that uses a flowing series of postures to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Awesome experts Patti Bradley and Katharine Isbell teach you how to coordinate breathing with movement to improve mental and physical health and release stress. Patti's morning classes are open to ages 13 years and older on Monday and Wednesday, starting September 3 at 10 am. Katharine's evening classes are open to ages 16 years and older on Monday and Wednesday, starting September 3 at 6:30 pm at Wylie Recreation Center.

Sandi Phillips has been a Group Fitness instructor since 2009 teaching Step aerobics, Step Circuit, Club box, Kickboxing, Body Works weight training and Boot Camp. She holds AFFA Primary Group Exercise Certification and has attended an AFFA Kickboxing Workshop. She is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and was part of an elite group within the DCC that performed on worldwide USO tours.

Joyce McGaughey teaches Chair Exercise at the Senior Recreation Center. She is a senior herself and has been volunteering her time for the past three years to make this program the success it is. Her class has grown exponentially since its early days due to her motivation and determination to help her peers be fit and
live healthy.

Johnny Tan has been ballroom dancing for over fourteen years. He has taught private and group lessons for the last ten years. He has performed with his dance partners at private and charity events in Baton Rouge and Dallas. Johnny trained with the late Betty Tamas in Baton Rouge and in Dallas he received training from world champions, Gocha Cherkoev and Shorena Gachechiladze. According to Johnny, “Dancing with heart and passion creates a lifetime of bliss in a three-and-a-half-minute song.”

Lauren Davis offers AM Boot Camp. She has played competitive sports including tennis, basketball, softball and golf for over thirty years. Her passion for physical fitness drew her toward boot camp classes which offer a fun, challenging, and motivating workout that continually push your entire body to its full potential. Lauren loves the variety that boot camp classes provide and is always incorporating new elements into her classes.

James Randell has been practicing Tibetan, Wu, Wu(Hao) and Yang T’ai Chi since 1990. He began his student teaching in 1998 under the direction of his teacher and mentor Dr Robert Carpenter, in New Mexico. After four years of training James was awarded a black belt and the title of “Sifu” (teacher) in Yang style T’ai Chi in 2000. He has taught at the YMCA in Dallas and Plano as well as private and semi private classes.

Erin Larew offers Zumba and X-Biking Indoor Mountain Biking. She has held certificates in Mad Dogg Spinning, Trixter SportCAT and other cycling instructor certifications. Erin began teaching cycling in 2006 in West Virginia and continued to teach since moving to Texas in Garland and Murphy gyms. She is an avid road cyclist and enjoys bringing the road to the classroom. Erin is also a certified Zumba instructor and has been teaching Zumba since early 2009 in Garland and Wylie Recreation Center since 2011.

Patti Bradley is certified through Yoga Fit and has been teaching since 2009 in the US and abroad. She is completing Yoga Alliance training locally with Alpha Omega Yoga. Patti is a Certified Fitness Specialist through the Cooper Institute and uses her training in anatomy to complement her gentle yoga flow approach. Patti enjoys teaching everyone, beginners, athletes and seniors.

Katharine Isbell is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and has completed over five-hundred hours of yoga training. Her specialty is Gentle Flow Yoga in which poses and flows are chosen to suit the student’s abilities and are sequenced into a coherent practice. She has been teaching in the area for over six years.