Blog Basics and Web Design {Adult Tech}

Learn to blog with awesome expert, Carrie Lindsey in the new Blogging Basics courses at Wylie Recreation Center! Courses start Wednesday, September 10. Saturday courses also available. Blogging can be a great way to share your story, express yourself and even make some money. Discuss everything you need to know to get started blogging, from technical details to social media to creating blog posts people want to read.

Tech activities are hot and always evolving. Learn how to create beautiful, modern day websites without writing a single line of code in Weebly Web Design at Wylie Recreation Center. Learn how to use Weebly and Pixlr and help bring your vision online in courses designed for adults starting October 3. Create a blog, talk about your interests and showcase a business or your talents. Edit your images and make your site shine with the guidance of awesome tech expert, Adrian R. Sánchez.

Register in-person at Wylie Recreation Center or Senior Recreation Center or register online NOW! Not a resident? No Rec Pass? That's ok! Activity registration is open to everyone.

Carrie Lindsey is a local blogger and mother of two small children. She’s turned her blog into a source of extra income for her family, and loves to share her tips and tricks with other budding bloggers. She believes blogging is a great way to connect with other people and possible clients. Carrie teaches basic blogging and social media skills designed to help grow your blog, whether it’s a “just for fun” personal blog or an extension of your small business. You can see her blog at

Adrian R. Sánchez, owner of 8Bit Education, offers a variety of Digital Media classes ranging from Game Design to Cinematography. Adrian is an ITT Graduate with Honors in the area of Media Technologies. He has more than five years teaching experience throughout the Dallas Metropolitan area. He has been working with Dallas International in Dallas and Richardson since 2011. His goal is to prepare students for the ever-growing IT markets through fun, interactive and educational courses.