RunKeeper App Review {Health and Fitness Month}

RunKeeper: Track workouts, miles and training. GPS and mapping functions.

Bottom line: Lots of options to personalize. Online site adds even more functions.

Company description or click here: RunKeeper is a mobile fitness platform with millions of users that enables runners and other fitness enthusiasts to track, measure, and improve their fitness. Though RunKeeper started out as a mobile fitness tracking app, we've expanded to include a vibrant online health & fitness community, and have integrated with over thirty devices, apps, and web services across a broad range of health categories to date.

Review by Recreation Programmer - Fitness, Steven Harben, City of Wylie:
RunKeeper is one of the few fitness apps that I actually use of my Android. I love the ability to track distance, speed, and pace during my workout. If you listen to music on your phone while you run/walk, RunKeeper gives you the ability to receive audio cues at pre-determined times or distances to help you make sure you are keeping your desired pace.

Not much of a runner? RunKeeper actually allows you to choose from 13 different outdoor activities including mountain biking, rowing, and even swimming (don’t take your phone swimming with you, though). Your workouts are saved in your account and are available to view and edit using their online site. Do really well in a workout, and RunKeeper will send you an email “trophy” congratulating you for your furthest distance in a day/week/month, etc.

Even if you just want to get moving but don’t know where to start, RunKeeper provides free training plans to get you to your first 5K, ½ or full marathon, or even just to lose weight. RunKeeper even allows you to get your friends involved by adding them to your “team” which allows you to encourage them to go for a run, walk, or bike ride. You can also automatically post your workouts to Facebook or Twitter to keep your friends updated on your progress.

Overall, RunKeeper is a great app that has everything you need to get you started on a fitness program, as well as provide you the tools and encouragement to get you to your ultimate goal.

Steven Harben
Recreation Programmer
City of Wylie