FREE Diabetes Talk TOMORROW {Health and Fitness Month}

FREE SEMINAR, TOMORROW! Left untreated, diabetes can be very expensive and cause many health complications. On Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 7 - 8 PM, receive factual and helpful information in this special Do’s & Don’ts of Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes seminar that may help you achieve better control of your blood sugars from a certified diabetes educator. Pre-register by start time.

Seminar registration open to ages 16 years and up and held at Wylie Recreation Center. Do’s & Don’ts of Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes is provided by Pamela Jurlina, RN,MS, CDE, The Medical Center of Plano.

Register for this FREE programs in person at Wylie Recreation Center or Bart Peddicord Community Center by start time. Or register online, now!

Annika Sacco
Recreation Supervisor
City of Wylie