Extreme Pumpkin Makeover Challenge {Wylie Recreation}

Help us celebrate fall and the glorious gourd!

Choose YOUR favorite in our first Extreme Pumpkin Makeover Challenge by Liking one of the three entries on our Instagram page @wylierecreation or voting in-person at Wylie Recreation Center.

Pumpkins were made over by the Childcare, Fitness and Climbing Wall, and Front Desk staff of Wylie Recreation Center.

LIKE your favorite of the three pumpkins, on Instagram @wylierecreation, and/or cast your vote in-person at Wylie Recreation Center by 10 pm, today 10/30/2012. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning, 10/31/2012!

Combined IG Likes and in-person votes will determine the winner. Yes, you can Like it on IG and cast a vote in-person at Wylie Recreation Center, too.

Thank you for your votes!

Annika Sacco
Recreation Supervisor
City of Wylie


Eat Healthy on Holiday Budget {Motivation Monday}

How do you keep your meal plan on track (if you do) during the holiday rush? Have any great tips? Let us know. Leave a comment.

As we enter the holiday season, budgets and waistbands are a little tighter. Between the holiday shopping frenzy and delicious treats in your work break room, healthy meal plans are tossed out the window.

For most people, money and time are shifted toward gift purchases and travel. Meals are often overlooked. But there is hope! A little planning sets you up to successfully eat healthy while maintaining your budget and your time through the New Year.

1. Pre-Plan Meals – Meal planning helps reduce waste and cuts down preparation time.

2. Keep an Inventory – Know what’s in the fridge and pantry to avoid duplicate purchases.

3. Make a List (and stick to it!) – Grocery stores are designed to entice you to buy. Using a list helps prevent impulse purchases.

4. Frozen Over Fresh – Have a tendency to let fruits and vegetables spoil? Frozen fruits and veggies are a nutritious alternative and are typically less expensive and less perishable than the fresh equivalents.

5. Shop Sales - Use coupons or your store loyalty card to stock up on frequently used items. Don’t purchase rarely used items just because they are on sale.

6. Avoid Shopping When Hungry – This will lead to impulse buys. Seriously.

7. Eat Leftovers – Package “grab and go” servings in reusable containers after a meal instead of sticking the entire dish in the refrigerator. Put a couple of servings in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s lunch. Label all remaining single-servings and pop them into the freezer for another day. Additionally, mix leftovers into a new recipe to save time and money, and add variety to your meals. Google what to do with turkey leftovers. The possibilities are endless.

The end of the year can be stressful and lead to meal decisions based on ease and simplicity. Taking a little time to plan can greatly increase your chances of making healthy food decisions no matter what!

Steven Harben
Recreation Programmer
City of Wylie


More Bang from your Workout {Simple Changes for Big Improvements}

“If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten” - Anthony Robbins

Stuck in a workout rut? Making even small changes to your workout routine can result in major changes to your body. The trick is to keep your body guessing during your workouts. If you never vary your activity, eventually your body will become accustomed to it and stop adapting.

Check out my top 3 tips for mixing it up:

1. Change Speed/Intensity – Simply running faster for a minute, then going a little slower for a minute, can help you lose weight faster than moving at a steady pace your entire workout. Working out just a little harder will not only burn more calories during your workout, but during your recovery as well.

2. Switch from Machines to Free Weights - Machines are great for teaching you the correct movement patterns, but if you really want to engage more muscles, use free weights. Free weights will pull in the same muscles as the machines, as well as stabilizer muscles around the joint. Perform exercises on a stability ball or BOSU ball to add in your core muscles, too!

3. Try Something New – Hop on that elliptical that you walk past every day as you head towards your favorite treadmill, join in on a game of pick-up basketball or volleyball or even try out that new fitness class that you heard about. You will be surprised how much of a workout you can get when you are doing a new activity.

Share your favorite workout modifications in the comment section!

Steven Harben
Recreation Programmer
City of Wylie


Kickstart an Active Lifestyle {Motivation Monday}

It's Motivation Monday so brag on yourself! What kept you active this weekend? Running in a 5K? Chasing the kids at the State Fair? Leave a comment, we want to hear from you!

For many people, the hardest part of living an active lifestyle is getting started. For most, once they start, they find it hard to maintain after the first few weeks. Taking some simple steps will help keep you on track towards the active lifestyle you strive for.

1. Set goals – If you don’t have a plan, your training will lack focus. Tell someone else what your goals are.

2. Find an Activity Buddy – having a workout partner will help keep you accountable on those days you don’t feel like exercising.

3. Set Priorities – People who are active don’t simply have more time to exercise, they MAKE time. Figure out what you can get rid of during your day to make time for activity.

4. Sign up for a race – Entering a local race is a great way to gain some extra motivation as well as break up the monotony of training “just for exercise”. Visit a local bike/run shop to see what events are coming up. There are many 8 and 12 week training programs you can find online to get you to the finish line of you first 5k.

5. Relish the small victories – Even if the results are coming slower than you wished, try to see the positive side. If you only lose 5 pounds the first month, when you wanted to lose 10, you are still 5 pounds lighter than when you started. On top of that, there are LOTS of positive internal changes that your body is making that you may never notice.

Steven Harben
Recreation Programmer
City of Wylie


National Night Out {Wylie Recreation On the Town}

Thank you for stopping to play with us at National Night Out on Tuesday, October 2nd. Wylie Recreation handed out 100 goodie bags (and ran out of bags!) plus 250 Activity Menus from the Wylie Recreation booth. For everyone that received a Wylie Recreation goodie bag, we hope you enjoy the mini frisbee, pedometer and magnet! We had a great time hosting a hula hoop contest, mini basketball toss, crafts, Twister and other activities.

Wylie Recreation Center will be out on the town, again for Boo on Ballard, Thursday, October 25, 2012, 6 – 8 pm. We will have bounce houses set up at Bart Peddicord Community Center, and for those adventure-driven-types, visit the zip line NEW to the event this year at Olde City Park. Stay tuned for more info.

Carmen Powlen
Recreation Manager
City of Wylie


Improve Energy All Day {Motivation Monday}

Almost everyone experiences it, and we have all seen the commercials to combat that “2:30 feeling”. There are some simple steps you can take right now keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water – dehydrated bodies function less efficiently.

Avoid caffeinated drinks – high levels of caffeine can cause anxiety, irritability and decreased performance.

Avoid sugary foods – Foods high on the Glycemic Index (fast food, candy, sodas, etc.) can give you a sugar rush followed by a crash.

Eat a balanced diet – A balanced diets ensures your body receives all the proper nutrients.

Don’t overeat – large meals force your body to redirect blood flow to the digestive system and away from the brain.

Get more sleep – most adults need 7-8 hours a night. Change your routine to make sure you give your body the rest it needs.

And stay active! Staying active even through the weekend helps kick start your work and school week.

What did you do this weekend? Did you work out at Wylie Recreation Center, go dancing or participate in an athletic event? Help motivate your community and share what you did to stay active this weekend in the comment section!

Steven Harben
Recreation Programmer
City of Wylie

Senior Health Fair Today!

Stop by and say "hi" at the 10th Annual Senior Health Fair, going on NOW until 1 pm, today at the First Baptist Church Event Center, 200 North Ballard Avenue. 

Pick up health and fitness activity information from the Senior Recreation booth, staffed by friendly faces from Bart Peddicord Community Center, and take advantage of the many health screenings and informational vendors available for free to mature adults on medicare in Wylie and surrounding communities.

Anthony Cook
Recreation Supervisor
City of Wylie